Feeling London in the night by Nellie Vin

If you’re heading to the big city for a weekend of sightseeing this summer, you’re in the perfect place to get your art fix as London has an array of amazing art exhibitions on offer this year which are all well worth a visit.

Read on to discover a few of our favourites and make sure to put a few hours aside to head over to some of the city’s most iconic arts venues so you can peruse some of the latest art from up and coming new talent and well-known names in the art world alike.


Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing

The Queen’s Gallery, St James’s Park

A highly personal glimpse into the life and work of one of the world’s most famous artists, visitors to The Queen’s Gallery can get up close to some of the surviving sketches that formed the basis of da Vinci’s most notable pieces of works.

With just a handful of paintings surviving the 500 years since his death, this exhibition gives art lovers the opportunity to see the artist’s work like they’ve never seen them before. Available until October 2019, be sure to get to the gallery early if you want to beat the crowds as this is certain to be a popular exhibition.


Mike Nelson: The Asset Strippers

Tate Britain, Westminster

One of the most iconic arts buildings in the entire UK is playing host to a brand new exhibition from sculptor Mike Nelson.

Enormous pieces of abandoned machinery including presses, clamps, welders and cutters were salvaged by the artist to create his pieces – they form a narrative of the past of these machines including hints of abandonment, the sadness of modern life moving forward too quickly and reference the idea of discarding what has gone before.

Certainly, an imposing collection of pieces, be prepared to absorb the political and personal message that this exhibition conveys.


New Waves: Mohamed Melehi and the Casablanca Art School review

The Mosaic Rooms, Earls Court

If you’re a fan of modernist art, then this is an exhibition that you really shouldn’t miss!

With hints of Arabic calligraphy and shimmering heat haze, Mohamed Melehi uses vibrant hues and bold lines to celebrate the power of abstraction and modernism without overcomplicating his work.

Visually inspiring, this is an uplifting exhibition that draws inspiration from the history of the Maghreb’s visual culture using pendants and earrings, rugs and clothing, so head over to The Mosaic Rooms to see what all the buzz surrounding this artist is about.