Peaceful Days by Cinzia Mancini

What is the creative process when creating your floral paintings?

It is a process that tries to grasp the moment in which the flower is at the height of its life where there is neither space nor time; a journey of colors, often protagonists of my paintings where I feel a particular energy. It is the expression of the colors of the soul that mix with the colors of nature. My goal is to immortalize this process between life and colors; we live in a strongly controlled society and I have an introverted nature so for this reason I am looking for a liberating element in my art, to free my individuality and to let out everything I want to express through my flowers.

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

The inspiration came from a strong instinct to put my emotions of that moment on canvas. My paintings tell the story of my moods, the enthusiasm that I do not express easily because it comes out daily. I never paint if I am sad because I would use dark colors and not put life into my work that is the protagonist of my paintings. My goal is to bring joy and energy and immortalize it on the walls of my clients who are also the spectators.

How long would this work have taken you?

Normally it takes days on a large canvas because I wait for the drying procedure and then move to the next stage of the flower, but on this small painting, the time was short, less than an hour.
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