Have you ever spotted a piece of art you loved and wanted to browse through similar pieces? Without having to manually scroll through lots of catalogue listings covering any different styles? Now you can!

We’re delighted to unveil a fantastic new way to search which allows you to find visually similar artwork quickly and easily. It’s fun, easy and most of all convenient – making it much easier for you to collate products that are similar in style and aesthetics to find the piece that you really can’t imagine your home or office without.

Smart AI to make shopping for art online easier than ever

Our visual search function is powered by super smart artificial intelligence. Think of it as your own personal shopper! Once you find a piece you like, whether that’s a landscape, an abstract or an animal print, the visual search tool will go off and find lots of other pieces that are similar to the artwork you like.

It scrolls through thousands of different original pieces by our talented artists from around the world, to bring you a collection of other pieces which you may like. All in the blink of an eye! There’s no waiting and no time lag, just a series of product recommendations for you to review, all based on your original selection.

If you’re searching for a particular style or colour palette and want more than one item to display in your home or office to create a seamless décor, visual search is your very own, super smart personal shopper. It makes it easy to find exactly the piece you want, without any of the wasted hours of scrolling you would normally need to do to curate a shortlist of products that are visually similar.

Gifting made easy

What’s more, if you’re shopping for someone else and know the kind of look they prefer, you can use visual search to instantly find original pieces of art that fit the bill. From there, all you need to do is browse the suggestions and settle on the perfect gift for your loved one.

Art is a very visual medium, so we are thrilled to be able to offer visual search, to more easily connect you with the pieces that you’re sure to like, in no time at all.

We hope you love this new addition to our site and would welcome your feedback once you’ve had a chance to use it! Connect with us on social media or send us an email to share your experience using our new visual search tool.

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