In interior design, artwork is almost always an afterthought. It often seems to come after the walls have been painted, the furniture has been arranged and normally after the owner has moved in. Relegating art to this lowly position means missing out on the opportunity to create a clever design that ties the room together. Art definitely matters in thoughtful design, but how can you select the pieces that create a harmonious décor?


Choosing the colour palette for your design usually happens early in the process of decorating – the art you select should reflect this vital decision. Try to pick art that uses some of the colours from your scheme. Alternatively, you could plan your colour scheme around the art you have selected. There are apps that can help you to match colours to paint shades, or most DIY stores offer colour matching too, so you could simply take the artwork to them and have a corresponding paint created.


Features are key to interior design, normally this is considered to be items like your fireplace or furniture. Art can create a stunning focal point too. It attracts the eye, provides insight into your personality and is a talking point for any guests. Size is key to providing a focal point. Larger pieces will do this on their own or you could hang smaller pieces together to create a gallery wall. Measure your space and determine what will work best for you.


Art takes many different forms and it can introduce a range of different textures into your room. Using a range of different art mediums creates a unique selection of textures that will improve the visual appeal of your room. Think outside-the-box and look at mixed media, sculpture and shadow boxes, which can all ad texture and depth to your design. Rougher textures tend to make a room feel intimate and smoother art creates a sleek look.


Think about some of the less unified interiors you have seen that look somewhat unfished. Usually they have plain walls and are missing art. By placing art on your walls it completes the rooms look. Doing this will not only make your room look worthy to be in an interior design magazine, it also makes the space more comfortable and easy to relax in.

Art shouldn’t be the last consideration you make; it should be something you think about from the start of the decorating process. This is because of all the amazing benefits it provides to your room.

How much importance do you put on art when re-designing your spaces? How do you choose what to hang and where? Share your thoughts with us on our social media pages.

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