Falling in love with your space can be a journey, but it really can impact your mental health positively to allocate time to making your home a place that you love. In our blog post last week we discussed ‘The Wellbeing Benefits of Art’ and how it can slow down our usually hectic schedules often populated with work, family or social commitments. There really is a lot to be said about how art enriches your life, so let’s get into how falling in love with your home through the power of art can work wonders.


Decluttering your home is always the first step in finding meaning with your belongings and therefore making it easier to declutter. Artwork that evokes feelings of serenity by the use of colour or the subject itself is ideal for inviting that sense of peace into your home. ‘I wouldn’t Ask For More’ is a particularly fitting example with its beautiful contrast of colours and peaceful fields that makes you wish you could visit the lavender landscape to just sit alone for a while and quietly reflect.


I wouldn’t Ask For More by Mel Davis

Experiment with colour theory

Whether you are a seasoned art collector, or dipping your toes into the world of art, it’s important to understand colour theory if you are wanting to steer away from using your own intuition and would like to use a more theoretical thought process. Colour theory will guide you through pairing artwork together, along with creating a specific tone or vibe to a room in your home. Whilst it is paramount to enjoy the content of the art rather than focusing too much on the colours, it can help you pair specific pieces of art you love, to create harmony as they hang lovingly on your walls.

Tree of Life by Casimira Mostyn

Identify your style

Finding the right style of art for your home, doesn’t necessarily have a blueprint. In fact, the art collections that mean the most to their owner, are usually the best. However, it is important to know how to buy art as a first time buyer, you can have a look at our recent Instagram post where we discussed our top tips for new buyers.

To find your style, consider your current aesthetic – are you wanting to make a statement with the artwork? If so, consider purchasing a piece of abstract art, this can easily become the focal point of any room and abstract art is interpretative, meaning the artwork itself will become a very personal piece to you as well as elevating your home aesthetic.

abstract art

Sea Travels by Paresh Nrshinga

Finding the ideal place to hang your artwork

It might seem fairly simple, you have located a space in your home where you want to hang your art, so what else is there to do? There are some great tips on how much space is needed for certain pieces of art out there but for example, your artwork should ideally span around 2/3 to 3/4 of any furniture it’s placed above! Finding the right place for your art ties the room together perfectly as a very aesthetically pleasing finishing touch.

I have Missed You by Ira Whittaker

There are many ways to fall in love with your home through the power of art, and there are increasing studies that shed light on how art can enhance brain function and also increase serotonin which lends itself well to creating a happy home! Perusing some artwork will give you a feel for the tone you are going for, as well as discovering different artists and finding a particular style you love.

Art2Arts view before you buy service

We know that choosing artwork for your home is very personal, so we offer a ‘try before you buy’ service where we can show you what a certain piece will look like in your space – just upload a picture and we’ll do the rest.

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