The Spirit Of Autumn Waits by Gill Bustamante
The Spirit Of Autumn Waits by Gill Bustamante


It is always a delight when Gill Bustamante adds more work to her gallery as her oil paintings are colourful, intriguing and full of life.

The Spirit of Autumn Waits… is a beautiful autumnal painting created in warm colours of orange, yellow and red and described by the artist herself as “an original oil painting on large canvas of the sun rising behind Autumn trees. The sun radiates through and over the trees appearing to draw the trees into its orbit. Under one of the trees stands a lone stag. He waits. Autumn is his time to win or lose his battles to survive and procreate.”

Due to her distinctive style, Gill Bustamante’s work is recognizable amongst hundreds of landscapes and this is one element that makes her stand out.

“Like many artists, I spent years trying to emulate all the other artists I admired. I learnt a lot about techniques but did not develop my own style until I’d been at it a while. I just distilled down to what pleases me. It keeps evolving though – always will as I can’t paint something if I already know how it will turn out. It gets dull. I need a challenge so keep changing my own rules,” the artist concludes.


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