spring_is_in_the_airSpring is a season of endless inspiration for me., and “Spring Is In The Air” was inspired by the dazzling yellow new blooms popping up in my garden.

Being a self taught artist I feel unrestrained by formal techniques & procedures, so I have my own little process!
There are no preliminary sketches, I usually begin by making gestural blobs & shapes intuitively on canvas with the brush.
Once I have the main body & shape of the painting I gradually build up layers of glazes, making the colours ‘dance’ on the canvas!¬† (In this piece I used different shades of yellow & ochre)
I then bring in the White, sometimes covering over parts of the painting and then rebuilding again creating shadows & reflections. I use a palette knife in parts to create texture  and movement, and finally I add a coat of gloss varnish which really brings the colours to life!!

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