Skies, nature, colours, sunrises and sunsets they all make me pause in wonder at the beauty around me and keep me, for a moment, in the present. Through my art I have now found a way to express my gratitude for being able to see and experience this today. Each blank canvas is a promise.

What to paint is often my biggest challenge.
Once I start I lose myself in each painting anew and leave there a part of me to share with whoever is attracted to it. Poppies, daffodils and rapeseed are my favourite flowers and I admire their fragility and persistence. When I paint these amazing flowers it comes from the heart.
This bright and colourful painting in blue black and magenta called “Poppies against a blue sky” is part of a series of similar paintings I have painted after I saw the amazing remembrance display of poppies at the Tower of London. It made me pause and reflect.
In this painting I have used brush sponge and palette knife to create a textured, vibrant piece that will enhance any decor but hopefully will also leave you feeling peaceful and serene
Having worked as a healer for many years, I try to convey these feelings in each work I create.
My goal is to inspire others to express themselves in any way that is right for them and to journey inside to connect with the place where ‘time stands still’ even if it is only for a moment.
Marja Brown Landscape Artist