Honesty Poppies by CK Wood

In this series, we focus on talented artists by focusing on their past, their creative process and the work they have produced in order to give you an insight into the industry and inspire other artists to follow their passion. This blog will focus on beloved painter Carol Wood, whose semi-abstract works have generated a lot of buzz within the artistic community and have turned the heads of collectors and art lovers from all over the world.

Born in Leeds, Carol was immersed into the scenic landscapes of rural Yorkshire from a young age. This was a catalyst which sparked her passion for art and inspired her to pick up a paintbrush. As she delved deeper into the world of art and explored her creativity, she improved her technical skills and began to develop her own unique style.

It was at Leeds College of Art and Design where she trained as a colourist and pattern designer. This helped her gain more experience working in a professional environment while helping her to evolve her creative process and draw inspiration from new concepts and ideas. However, it is the beauty of nature that truly inspires Carol and while her work today is much more technically pleasing than her childhood art, it still encapsulates the same raw beauty that first sparked her passion.

The semi-abstract style of Carol’s work has been favoured by a number of collectors from around the world and her paintings can be found in galleries and homes in countries such as Singapore, Spain and America. Amongst the many paintings that Carol has created over the years, her signature depiction of poppies has become one of the most popular pieces in her collection. Over her career, she has painted many different variations of this concept with varying colour schemes and compositions.

The majority of Carol’s paintings are done using acrylics which is how she creates such vibrant creations that are full of texture and emotion. Still working from her home city of Leeds, she remains one of the most popular painters within the Art2Arts community and regular works on private commissions for fans and art lovers around the world. Anyone looking to warm up their home with a new feature painting or add a unique and inspirational piece of British art to their collection can find a wide selection of Carol’s work at Art2Arts.