Art2Arts Artist at Christmas Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is one of our most popular artists whose art inspired by nature featuring semi-abstract ethereal and dreamy scenes are in many private collections much admired by artists lovers all over the UK and beyond. In her words, “art is captivating and brings true joy to the soul, it is something that should be savoured and treasured. Art is something that makes life magical and enjoyable” and we couldn’t agree more. For our Art2Arts artist at Christmas series, she agreed to answer a few questions below. Enjoy!


Art2Arts Artist Jennifer Taylor
Art2Arts Artist Jennifer Taylor


Do you give your art as a gift to family and friends?

I do. I have given pieces over the years to many family and friends. I love to recreate their photos in my style. I’ll secretly gather an image and recreate it as a surprise.

What painting are you most proud of this year?

I am quite proud of the poppies and bluebell prices under the moon. I adore creating and painting moonlit flowers and forests. I feel these pieces truly capture this essence.

Where are you planning to spend Christmas this year?

I’ll be spending Christmas this year with my partners family. It’s been a couple of years that we’ve properly been together. So can’t wait to have a lovely day.

What inspiration do you get from the festive season?

I do love the colours of this time of year. As autumn is still subtly around and berries on the trees. I also feel the sunsets and sunrises are always so beautiful in winter. So many colours to want to capture in my pieces. It’s a lovely colourful time of year in its own right. I definitely feel winter is full of colour too!


Moon Garden by Jennifer Taylor
Moon Garden by Jennifer Taylor
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