Art2Arts Artist Carmen Tyrrell

Carmen Tyrrell is one of the first artists to join our gallery when we first opened it many years ago and she has been with us ever since. Not only she is one of our most popular artists, but she contributes to our online magazine with both interviews and featured artworks on a regular basis. For Christmas, she kindly agreed to answer a few questions that we share with you below. Enjoy!


Art2Arts Artist Carmen Tyrrell
Art2Arts Artist Carmen Tyrrell

Do you give your art as a gift to family and friends?

I do give my art as gifts to family or friends, but only if they express interest in my art and desire to own it.

What painting are you most proud of this year?

I think this year I am most proud of the series of canvas paintings, “Blue Mood”, and the series “Orange Nude”, where three of them are already sold.  I enjoy painting semi-abstract, colourful and textured nude figures in graceful postures.

Where are you planning to spend Christmas this year?

This year, I am spending Christmas with my family in the sun, in The Canary Islands. I love the warm weather, sunshine and blue sky; it makes me feel happier and inspires me for my work.

What inspiration do you get from the festive season?

I love traditional Christmas with snow and Father Christmas and presents, family and friends and all the magic this festivity brings in our lives.  I like it as it is, not at all related to my work.


Visit Carmen Tyrrell's gallery
Visit Carmen Tyrrell’s gallery


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