The Summit by Shaun Keefe

When we admire abstract art, anything can speak to us: colour, texture, shape. An abstract painting won’t depict a precise object, but a feeling. You may see a seascape, a landscape or a sunset, but the feeling is there and even a story. The viewer’s story. This is the case with Shaun Keefe’s work, one of our most popular abstract artist. We asked him a few questions about one of his artworks, “The Summit”:

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

Usually, on completion, my aim is for you the viewer to see your own interpretation when looking at my artworks. My paintings are not primarily intended to create definitive images although that is what you, the viewer, may perceive. However after returning recently from a trip to the Lake District, and Ambleside most memorably, this particular piece definitely swayed into my thoughts and ideas.

What is the creative process when creating your vibrant abstract art?

Always start with a big wash of ochre or buff wash as a base, and would say using multi-layers of paint, textures and vibrant colours are very important to me. These textures can include rust, metal, sand, cloth, linen and glues/varnishes. 


The Summit by Shaun Keefe
The Summit by Shaun Keefe – detail


How long would this work have taken you? 

From a time perspective, ‘The Summit’ artwork may have taken 3 days maybe. It’s hard to judge, I don’t work off time or clocks (I switch off in my studio, just music playing) and must go back to the work at least 20 plus times on every piece, building up layers/tones etc. Sometimes the gaps between visits to the artwork can be days or weeks, or even months.

Visit Shaun’s gallery here.