Forget me Not by Soos Roxana Gabriela

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

I am from the sunny and bright Black Sea shore, bound to love nature. I am an avid gardener, a nature explorer, a dreamy traveller, a mother of three beauties, and an artist’s wife. Gardening is my favourite though, and for the most of my spare time I am in the garden. When I am not there, I am in my studio, painting the magic of flowers, with their colours and petals observing the movement of light, touching them and feeling their texture. What charges me more with this vivid energy is the fact that what I want to express in my art is this nature’s wonders that will never cease to amaze me.

Art2Arts Artist Roxana Soos

What is the creative process when creating your floral paintings?

Every experience marks us and it is that unforgettable thrill that bursts into my creations. Flowers have this impact on me, like good music, such as Zimmer, Bruno Coulais or Thomas Newman for example. They can fill your mind and body with good vibes in the same way that flowers fill your senses with their colour, light, perfume and texture only to bloom later on through my art.

Art2Arts Artist Roxana Soos

How long would this work have taken you? 

I have vast experience as an artist and I have been painting for as long as I can remember. Painting for me is like breathing, and this cannot take much time. I am normally working on three or four paintings at the same time; therefore, I find it hard to measure the time I need for an artwork. Sometimes, a canvas I am currently working on prompted by an idea in my head has to wait for another one to be finished before being completed and so on. Most of my paintings go through a transformation process from the initial drawing to the finished product so many times that I lose count of the hours or days it took me to finish it. In my opinion, creating art can’t be measured in conventional time units because of the involvement and amplitude it requires.

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