Rainforest Floral painting  ‘Jungle Tetrachromacy’ by Elizabeth Sadler


Rainforest floral painting ‘Jungle Tetrachromacy’ by Elizabeth Sadler is a vibrant rainforest painting. The artwork is an original oil painting which celebrates the vibrancy of nature. It captures the colours and vibrancy of her life living in the Tropics. Now Living in the UK Fens, Elizabeth draws inspiration from the local scenery, plants, and wildlife, as well as her journeys across Great Britain.  This passion is palpable in her artworks, which burst with varied subjects and vivid hues in both watercolour and oil paintings.

The focal point of this piece is the lush flora of a rainforest, which is portrayed in a riot of colours.  Painted on a stretch canvas measuring 24 x 18 x 0.5 inches, the painting captures the essence of a tropical paradise. Elizabeth, now lives in the UK and uses her winter months to create a visual escape to the tropics. She infuses her artwork with the rich colours of the rainforest.

The artist’s intent is to recreate the intricate natural tapestry of hanging lianas and the radiant background light typical of late afternoons in the rainforest. The resulting interplay of colours and textures transport the viewer to the heart of the jungle.

The ultramarine-painted sides of the canvas allow for a frameless hanging, providing a seamless display. For authenticity, each piece comes with a certificate dated and signed by the artist. ‘Jungle Tetrachromacy’ is a journey into the vibrant, captivating world of Elizabeth’s artistic imagination.





What inspired you to create ‘Jungle Tetrachromacy’? Was there a specific experience or place?

Yes, the Seychelles Islands. As the title implies there is for me a heightened synergy of colour and form in the forests of the Seychelles. My farm bordered a particularly wild forest on the side of a mountain.  It’s easy for me to visualise the many rock-strewn paths, tall mahogany trees and the creepers festooning them

As I lived there for over 30 years and am a citizen of the islands, I feel as much Seychellois as English. So yes, I am perpetually inspired, and you might say addicted to painting my memories. With the emotional ties evoked by the images in my head.

The colours in the painting are vibrant and rich. How did you decide on this particular colour palette?

I wanted to create colour juxtapositions on the canvas. The heat of the yellow background and cool yet rich royal blue was a visual experiment, but I feel that it ‘awakens’ the painting. It’s almost uncomfortable, but often the light in Seychelles can be jarring too. There are few flowering plants in the jungle, so I kept a purple ipomea and orange orchid which are foils to the green, yellow and white of the leaves.

Living in the UK, how do you maintain a connection to the tropics during the winter months?

The rainforests of the granitic Seychelles islands take but a moment to conjure up in my minds’ eye. The scents of mosses and decomposing matter on the forest floor and the dampness of the leaves. We always walked barefoot, the light filtering in from above. These are imprinted in my being now. I can transport myself there at a moment’s notice. (I do physically go there too!)

The intricate details are striking. What techniques did you use to achieve these effects in your painting?

I have come to oil painting lately, so by no means do I feel the detail is on a par with my botanical watercolours. It is exciting for me that the journey has a way to go. But to answer your question, I build the colours up by layering and glazing, also using pointed tools to remove wet paint. I keep the canvas flat and divide the surface into quarters, working from the centre of each quarter outwards. Only as the work neared completion did I work on it as a whole.




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