I believe art should be emotive, provoke a reaction, thought or conversation’. We live in a modern society so polarise by demands of fear and virtuous action but seriously lacking in empathy and human understanding. I try to focus on moments not messages.”

When looking at machOne’s artwork, it is certainly not in the genre of traditional artistry. As a contemporary artist, machOne relies on non-traditional methods and characters in their artwork. Generally, machOne chooses to glean much of their imagery from 90s comic strip styles. The vibrant colours and impressive use of lighting bring so much emotion and perspective to each piece. machOne received much of their experience through commissioned and non-commissioned works of graffiti and their expertise in this area shines through beautifully in each piece. 


View machOne Gallery




Lee Jenkinson

For me, being an artist is about the journey I am compelled to go on, rather than the destination. “Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it” – Greg Anderson”

Contemporary artist Lee Jenkinson offers us a unique perspective on the world. His use of disproportion in many of his works showcases a view of a completely altered reality. His artwork is both thought provoking and a powerful symbiotic relationship between animals and humans. Lee Jenkinson seems to have a lot of fun when he paints and is a remarkably versatile artist. Many artists seem to harken to just one style, but Lee Jenkinson uses a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, and mixed media to bring about his vision. His ability to change up style and presence allows him to continually move forward in his expertise. 


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Eraclis Artistdou

My artwork is a reaction to color, light and form. Where less is more and simple is pure. Colour is evocative of emotion and memories of one’s own experiences and thoughts.”

Not everyone sees the world in the same way and how Eraclis Artistdou sees it is immaculate. His cityscapes are impressive abstract views of London featuring vivid colours and a unique view of the city. Although many of his paintings are of the London skyline, Eraclis Artistdou is not defined by simply one style of art. His masterful interpretation of the human body is amazing as well. Expressionism can be a difficult genre to master, but Eraclis Artistdou has managed to capture our hearts and imaginations in various expressionist pieces he produces. 


View Eraclis Artistdou Gallery



David King

I try to ensure that every one of my paintings is laden with beauty and drama”

David King is a well rounded artist. Not only are his contemporary paintings masterfully created, he also writes, composes music, and illustrates for novels. This varied career has served David King well and allowed him to pursue his true passion. King paints what he feels is important at the time. Whether it is a vibrant painting of Piccadilly Square or a forest scene featuring a range of animals, David King puts his very essence into every piece produced. Colour, lighting, and a keen sense of imagination are a part of each piece painted by this gifted artist. 


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Angela Dierks

Being an artist allows me the freedom to create structure, harmony and balance in a playful way.”

Artists can have many lives during their one, human existence and for Angela Dierks, life includes both art and psychotherapy. The two may seem opposite, but actually play well with one another. For Angela, the study of human emotion within her psychotherapy career has dictated a lot of the emotions felt in her various paintings. As a contemporary artist, Dierks is free to express herself on canvas and that opens doors to vivid imagery featuring impressive colours and light. For Angela Dierks, a monochromatic lifestyle is not an option. Colour and emotion always shines through. 


View Angela Dierks Gallery





Colette Baumback

“Nature is my faithful muse and constant inspiration, the challenge to capture its essence and beauty is a never-ending task”

Nature is its own canvas and Colette Baumback is bringing her love of nature to life in each piece she  masterfully creates. Where many artists merely paint a flat image, Colette inspires through various textual elements that add depth and structure to her paintings. The use of the pallet knife, various cloth, and other materials allow her to create amazing textures in her floral based pieces. Colette’s pieces are varied in their style, but each one portrays her belief that nature and the human spirit are deeply  interconnected.


View Colette Baumback Gallery





Paul Zawadzki

Creating art is the most rewarding activity I am so grateful to experience, with each piece enhancing awareness of the relationship with materials and appreciation of my natural surroundings, as well as being validated by collectors who engage with the work in the same way.”

Although artists often portray light and emotion in their painting, there can also be other creative elements represented. Paul Zawadzki, for example, utilizes music to help inspire him to create his contemporary landscapes. Possibly one of the more impactful aspects of Zawadzki’s work is the fact that very little is pre planned. He believes in allowing each piece to speak for itself from inception to the final product. Therefore, each stunning representation of nature is a unique experience all to its own. 


View Paul Zawadzki Gallery




Vivek Mandalia

I love painting every day. It’s a part of my daily routine. I love finding new opportunities to try something new and different to help evolve the work, and I’m always surprised and delighted by the finished painting”

Certain mediums speak to specific artists. Oil is the medium of choice for Vivek Mandalia and his ability to bring perspective, light, and originality to each piece is truly inspiring. Vivek Mandalia’s love for art comes through beautifully in each painting as he allows the brush to speak for itself. Art is an escape from everyday life for Vivek Mandalia and although it remains as just a hobby, given time, this artist is sure to make art his sole career. Anyone that uses oils in such an inspired way is already a professional artist in their own right. 


View Vivek Mandalia Gallery




Elizabeth Sadler

Painting is intrinsic to my being… the infinite juxtaposition of bright colours, shapes and the spaces in between are my addiction.”

Elizabeth Sadler did not go to any fancy art school to learn to paint. Instead, she has trained herself to see the intricate detail in images and landscapes she views. Vivid colour and masterful technique allow her to capture stunning details in everything she paints. Her style is forever changing and evolving as new skills emerge. This type of organic painting is truly refreshing among artists that believe they must conform to a specific style. Her contemporary art is remarkable. 


View Elizabeth Sadler Gallery

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