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Whether you are looking for a traditional seascape painting or an abstract seascape Art2Arts has hundreds of beautiful seascapes to inspire and transport you to the sea.
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Seascape paintings for sale

Seascape artwork has a way of transporting you to the briny shores of childhood seaside holidays or to the romantic drama of the ocean as it crashes against rocks, so it's no wonder that so many people choose to buy seascape artwork online to capture their love of the sea. 

One of the most popular genres of art, seascape artwork has a special place in the hearts of many art enthusiasts, and our connection to vast bodies of water has given rise to some of the world's most iconic pieces of art to date. 

For those looking to add a piece of seascape artwork to their home, our collection of seascape paintings for sale has been thoughtfully curated by working with emerging independent artists from around the globe, so you can buy seascape paintings from our website with total confidence that you'll receive a truly one-of-a-kind piece to adorn your home or workspace. 

With artists chosen for the quality and creativity of the seascape artwork that they produce, purchasing one of our seascape paintings for sale not only ensures that you possess a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork from an up and coming artists with an affordable price tag, but it also allows you to grow your collection and perhaps even pick up a future piece of classic seascape art that has the potential to grow in value as the years go by.  

Versatile, engaging and filled with visual interest without the need for further explanation, our seascape paintings for sale capture the ‘in the moment’ beauty, pure energy and emotion of the sea in all of her glory for a stunning piece that will last a lifetime. 

A perfect way to express your love of the ocean at home or at work, the ability to buy seascape artwork online means that you are able to browse our extensive collection from the comfort of your home and select seascape artwork that resonates with you with a selection of sizes, artistic genres and price ranges to choose from. 

Plus, when you buy seascape artwork online from our extensive collection, you will have the piece of your choosing shipped directly from the artist to your door, and you'll soon be enjoying ready to hang seascape artwork that conveys your own individual style and pays homage to brooding, stormy coastlines or sun-dappled quaint fishing villages – the choice is yours!

History of Seascapes

A seascape is a photograph, painting or other work of art that depicts the sea.They have long been popular with British artists and art lovers, perhaps because we live on an island and are privy to beautiful shorelines.

Seascapes first became popular in the Romantic era as a form of marine art. Whilst many artists were depicting Britain’s maritime power at this time and documenting battles such as the Napoleonic Wars, over the years the sea itself became a popular subject for landscape painters, who went on to make the ‘seascape’ genre available to the public.

One of the most famous British seascape artists was Joseph Turner (1775 – 1851). Often referred to as ‘the painter of light,’ Joseph Turner was known for inventing new artistic techniques to make the skies and clouds in his seascape paintings look radiant and expressive. His seascape paintings were so unique and different from any other artists’ at the time that some people even thought he was insane.

Today seascapes come in various different styles and mediums from impressionist to abstract. They appeal to art lovers of all ages and are not only hung in the home, but places like restaurants, cafes and spas as a way of creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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From charcoal original drawings that capture the very spirit of the animal kingdom to highly detailed graphite drawings for sale that show the emotion of people or places, a variety of materials are used to create these stunning pieces with ink. Oil and pastel also make an appearance in some of our unusual artwork drawing pieces. 

Our drawings for sale have been carefully selected by the Art2Arts team who spend countless hours forging relationships with the best artists from across the UK and Europe, so you can find original drawings in charcoal, pastel or graphite created by real talent from the comfort of your own home. 

A reputable space to enjoy original drawings and to buy drawings online, Art2Arts has built up an enviable reputation for quality, exceptional service and the ability to promote the best artistic talent from across the UK and beyond.

Browse our latest collection of drawings for sale below and discover pieces that resonate with you to add to your growing collection or simply to adorn the walls of your home or office.

Thanks to the Arts Council England's Own Art interest-free loan scheme, we make owning original drawings more affordable than ever before and make financing your latest piece simple and straightforward. Just choose your favourite drawings for sale, and our team will be happy to guide you through the process so you'll have a new artwork drawing ready to hang in no time. 

Thanks to our dedicated artwork drawing delivery service, we also ensure that any drawings for sale are delivered UK wide and internationally in perfect condition, so you can buy drawings online from Art2Arts with total confidence. 

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