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Welcome to Art2Arts Gallery your premier destination for the best in contemporary art and design throughout the UK.  We have wide range of stylish pieces within in our collection that represent the latest contemporary trends for 2013.

However, how do you spot a new art trend? As we all know art is very subjective yet each year we are able to identify new trends, that usually go on to have an effect on the “contemporary art world” as whole.

Looking back and identifying trends in art is much easier once some time has passed, because in retrospect over time, we are able to look at art from a historical point of view, pinpointing any underlying themes or styles that may be associated with the times.

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  1. In today’s market, we are able to spot new art trends as they emerge, and this is the best time for an art collector to invest in a new piece. The reason being is that they could end up not only owning a lovely piece that they bought for a reasonable price. They could also go on to own something of great value, as the piece ages with time, and the artist goes on to develop more work while increasing their fan base.

We always try to translate contemporary art, by assessing it with an experienced historical eye, that helps us to make future projections. Our assessment goes on to help us to identify and advise our clients about whether or not we think a new art trend is worth investing in:
So let’s look at what might be the next big trend in art for you to look out for:

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In today’s interconnected world our new currency is exposure, which is now, worth its weight gold. The importance of creativity and visual flair continues to grow rapidly, and big corporations have already done it all in terms of advertising, and consumers are demanding more.

This is why large corporations are now teaming up with artists instead of advertising agencies in order to help them think outside of the box. Advertising is evolving with the times, and in today’s market the use of an artist will give rise to a co-brand, as the pieces created are usually limited edition, increasing the popularity of both the company and the artist due to the media exposure and social interest.

2. Return of the art galleries of yesteryear. Over the past 20 years or more, most art that was worth buying was auctioned off and stored by major art collectors in London, Paris and New York. At the time, art dealers knew exactly   what to buy, and what art was trending, and therefore anything worth buying was collected. This way of acquiring new art work, is slowly coming to an end, as more and more young professionals are investing in art by unknown, or up and coming artists, who have radically different tastes from their predecessors.

There has also been a rise in community art with individuals from local communities all over the UK, promoting their work, whilst successfully being featured in regional and national press which in turn helps to raise their profile within the art world. Many up and coming young artists, tend to combine music and entertainment when presenting their latest art collections, which helps to bring people together socially while they get inspired by the art.

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