For several tourists and vacationers, one of the highlight for their itinerary during their vacation is to visit art galleries and museums of that city. However, this activity isn’t just limited to tourists but you and your family can enjoy a fun trip to the local museum or art gallery. Marvel at the many wonders that art and paintings have and see what impact they leave behind on you.

There are various galleries and museums in London and undoubtedly, you might have not visited all. Each art gallery has their own display of unique and captivating forms of art, from photography to sculptures; you will find everything and anything to make you gasp. Here are the top 5 must see galleries in London, however this list is by no means complete.

1. The Barbican

This art gallery is located in the Barbican Centre which showcases a collection of design and architecture, fine art and photography from some leading artists and designers of the 20th and 21st century. A neighbouring art gallery called ‘the Curve’ displays more experimental artworks for those who have a distinctive taste in architecture. The Barbican Centre houses two theatres, a concert hall and three cinemas that is a perfect choice to depict excellent visual and performing arts for millions every year.

2. Hayward Gallery

This is considered one of London’s most intriguing galleries. Unlike most of its competitors, the Hayward Gallery invites temporary exhibitions of both historical and contemporary artwork. Nevertheless, the gallery limits itself when it comes to permanent exhibitions because this helps it to evolve around different kinds of art from the historical and contemporary era. As of recently it has been displaying more contemporary pieces of art as compared to the past where it has included masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci and many others alike.

3. Lisson Gallery

Founded in 1967, by Nicholas Logsdail, it is one of the pioneer galleries in the UK, US and Europe to promote a generation that was looking forward to transform the way art was created and presented. These young artists that included Robert Mangold, Peter Joseph, Lee Ufan, Daniel Buren, Dan Gragam, Sol LeWitt and Guilio Paolini, wanted to focus on the ideology behind the art piece rather than its expression or descriptive goal. The gallery motivates and promotes young talent and helps them rise from their humble beginnings.

4. The National Gallery

Probably one of the most ancient art galleries in London located on the north side of Trafalgar Square it is a highlight for various tourists and locals. It houses some of the oldest artworks, which are dated from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. It displays over more than 2,300 paintings all of which are in the British public’s possession. It entertains by locals and tourists with special exhibitions, which take place from time to time.

5. The National Portrait Gallery

A great place to take the children for a field trip to show them the historical and influential figures of our times. The National Portrait Gallery houses over 10,000 portraits of renowned men and women throughout the British history dating as early as Henry VII to the present Queen. There are other famous and notable portraits of historical figures such as William Shakespeare, William Ewart Gladstone and many more.