Art is a form of work that includes self-expression, creativity and communication. It’s basically a language of visual images. Are you looking for some new art pieces to fill your home? Here are some art trends and styles of 2015 that are expected to continue into the upcoming year. You can consider the following trends of artwork for your home.

The Love birds
An Inspiring Artwork by Suzetta Datema

Turquoise is stylish

People usually look for turquoise art more than any other colour. It’s a multifaceted colour that can take on different forms from blaze and ultra-fine to bold and emotional. You can consider pairing turquoise artwork with shades and fabrics that make you think of relaxing places such as the beach or a desert. You can incorporate your turquoise artwork with other soothing colours such as browns, metallic, silvers and woods. It is a trendy colour that brings tenderness and brightness into your home.

Nude art is in

Nude art is traditionally a western artwork that expresses ideals of human beauty and other human characteristics. If you’re considering buying a nude art, search for nudes that go with the scale and style of your space. A small nude artwork can be stylish and fashionable for your bathroom or bedroom, especially if it a traditionally styled piece. You can place a large-scale, music-inspired nude artwork in a common area or an entryway to grab your visitors’ attention.

Love you So
A Breathtaking Art Piece by Denise Mitchell

Abstract art still pleases crowd

Abstract art discovers the relationships of different colours and forms that breakaway from the conventional relationship of a portrayal of physical objectives.
Abstract expressionism has attracted several artist enthusiasts since the 1940’s. The style of abstract expressionism has remained pertinent and inspiring. The historic movement of Abstract art came into origin from the heart-rending side of the post-war era and carried a revolutionary and unique tone. Today, the abstract artwork looks less revolting and rebellious, but it still instigates strong impassioned responses and most of the people find it to be decorator friendly.

The Advanced Renaissance man likes Art

Bachelor pad artwork contains many different features that can be an absolute standout. It is the most searched décor type these days, followed by Mid-century modern and classical vintage.
These days, an advanced renaissance man has taste in dressing, wine and also original art! Bachelor pad artwork is all about realistic and colourful art. It is noticeable and can be beautifully placed on the walls of your home.

Sapphire Pool
A Captivating Masterpiece by Leila Godden

Oil work continues to be trendy

Oil work is the process of painting with colours using drying oil as a medium. Despite fancy new art work, oil paintings still grab the attention of crowds. Several art lovers consider buying original art with a practical mindset. These days many people are attracted towards more classical style masterpieces so oil artwork can be a good option.

Artists are very positive people, which is why many youngsters are aspiring to become modern day artists. Many young artists are making a proper mark on today’s art scene. These are the artists who are bringing visual influences to their fine art work. So you must not miss out on their masterpieces if you’re looking for realistic and trendy artwork to decorate your home or workplace.