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A Piece by Carolynne Coulson

Finding the right piece of artwork for your home can be a daunting task especially if you have recently developed an interest in it. There are several aspects that you might want to consider before buying paintings. The key to buying the right masterpiece lies in figuring out what type of art you like and how will it fit in your home. If you happen to change your home decor frequently then you should buy affordable pieces that will enrich a theme that is based around your colour palette. However, if you are looking for original art that will withhold the test of time then select colours that will complement several colour schemes.

Colours of a Soft Plant
A piece by Margaret Raven

Deciding the right place to display your art work can have a significant impact on the painting itself as well as the place it is hanged on. For instance if you are looking for paintings to be placed in your bedroom then select ones that are calming or seductive. Whereas for your living room if you plan to create a soothing and relaxing ambience then it is recommended not to choose art that is loud or anything that might make you feel uncomfortable. Art displayed in your living room can be used in a multitude of dynamic and exciting ways. It can be used to create a specific mood or tone or set the colour theme of the room. Whatever your reason is for searching artwork for your living room it is always important to consider a couple of tips:

1. Size Matters

Select a place where you want to hang the painting or display it this will give you an idea about how big or small you want your painting to be. It your painting is too big for the space it is most likely going to create an overwhelming sense and if it is too small, it might go unnoticed. It is best to select an appropriate size that looks perfect in scale and proportion. If you prefer bold and outstanding original art then make sure you have ample amount of space to display it.

2. Decide What Type of Art You Want to Display

Before making a final selection, it is best to browse as much as you can to get a better understanding of what type of art you like and how you want to display it in your living room. Visiting museums, galleries, outdoor exhibitions or public art displays are all great places to gain some artistic influence. Read as much as you can about what type of paintings look great for this specific room and how it can complement your overall decor

3. Strike a Balance

You want to strike a harmonious balance between your painting and your overall living room decor so make sure your art piece matches the tone and palette of the room. Therefore when it comes to selecting a painting to match the tone of your living room choose a few vibrant and noticeable colours and then pick paintings that would complement or outstand those colours. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, even if a there are one or two colours that match you will be able to create a harmonious balance.

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