Cosmic Fish by Elizabeth Sadler

Not many artists can say they had their work commissioned for a mural in a tourist resort and when this happened to our artist Elizabeth Sadler, we can’t but be so proud of her achievement. It all started with a casual chat with an interior designer who was on a lookout for inspiration and designs for a touristic resort and what followed next is purely extraordinary. Read the story in the artist’s words.

“About 6 months prior to leaving Seychelles where I had lived for 30+ years I was running one of my weekly expos in Le Meridian Fisherman’s Cove Hotel and got chatting with Andre Escobar the interior designer for H Resort who was on Mahe. He liked a painting similar to the above and took a photo of it.”

“I then left Seychelles. To protect myself and my children my details and whereabouts were kept secret.”

“A while later I was contacted by an architect friend of myself and Andre on the island who put Andre in touch with me; by chance, I had painted ‘Cosmic Fish’.”

“We negotiated a contract whereby the ‘inspiration’ from Cosmic Fish was purchased, as opposed to outright copyright.”

“A yacht interior designer has chosen this painting now for a vessel being outfitted from Puerto Rico.”

“The H hotel is outstanding with a big emphasis on environmental protection and supporting local artists, and Andre is an acclaimed designer.”

“I returned to Seychelles last year for the first time since leaving in 2014 and saw the mural myself.”


Here is another ‘fish’ themed artwork available in Elizabeth’s gallery:

Caught in the Vortex by Elizabeth Sadler
Caught in the Vortex by Elizabeth Sadler


We can’t imagine how excited can be for an artist to see their work immortalised in such manner.  Growing up in a small village in Cambridgeshire, Elizabeth Sadler spent long days walking and cycling out in the fields and lanes, observing the nuances of the very rural and rather wild world she inhabited. Her focus is on botanical art and wildlife fauna and her preferred medium is watercolour.

“’My love affair with painting sustains and nurtures my spirit daily. I attempt to hone and develop my techniques every time I engage with my work, using space to create harmony between objects. The meditative synchronicity that evolves as I paint allows me to do my most intuitive work.’”

View Elizabeth’s full gallery.

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