More and more creative pastimes turned professions are become popular viewing for UK television viewers, and while the nation has gone barmy for baking with the BBC’s ‘Great British Bake Off’, those that love painting are currently glued to their sets as the Sky Arts ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’ series is currently airing. Just as the former has given a contemporary edge to an activity that was perhaps once considered out-dated, the beauty and appreciation for the traditional art of landscape painting is being revitalised due to its time in the spotlight, Art2Arts revealed.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “Many traditional art forms, such as the landscape painting, can often fall out of fashion in favour of newer, more contemporary works. However, in this post-modern society we are seeing a revival and new-wave of appreciation for these classic practices. Landscape art is something that can be enjoyed by a variety of people on many levels, and it is fantastic to see its popularity growing once more!”

Art2Arts is a leading online art gallery, hosting a series of diverse British contemporary artists on its innovative platform. Its members use its website to curate their own ‘online gallery space’ uploading their original art ready to be purchased. Users can browse art of all types at Art2Arts, and its dedicated page filled with landscape paintings in a wide range of mediums and styles have been flying off its virtual shelves since the launch of the painting competition.

Gibbs continued, “Image-heavy social media websites such as Instagram and Pinterest are hugely successful, and users are often posting breath-taking (although often filtered) pictures of incredible natural scenery. Perhaps this has also sparked an interest in owning these remarkable views in the original, physical form of a painting too!”

‘Suggesting Reality’, by Elizabeth Williams is the perfect example of how the landscape painting can take a natural scene and inject it with artistic magic. The serene scene used calming, almost mystical shades of greens and violets to paint a sky, with suggestions of the northern lights. And no filters are needed to make Stephen Conroy’s ‘Village in Bay at Sunset’ become an abstract, technicolour vision. ‘Dramatic Scenery’ by Hester Coetzee takes an abstract approach with her contemporary landscape, offering up a skilfully painted blurring of atmosphere colours, with incredible use of light suggesting the glow of the moon over a natural scene.

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