Hidden City by Lisa Vallo

Hidden City by Lisa Vallo

Over the years, Art2Arts has cultivated one of the biggest and most vibrant communities within the world of art. We have developed a global network of painters, artists, collectors and enthusiasts from around the world and we are proud to offer a vast collection of beautiful artwork. Not only do we offer a simple way for collectors to browse and buy art, we also pride ourselves on giving the spotlight to talented artists and helping them get the recognition they deserve.

With that in mind, we are using this series of posts to focus on some of the incredibly talented artists that have helped us build such a strong community and bring the joy of art to homes and galleries around the world. If you’re looking for new paintings to add to your collection, this is a great opportunity to find out more about the people behind the art and learn about what inspires them and the journey they have taken.

This post will focus on one of our favourite self-taught artists, Lisa Vallo. Since partnering with Art2arts, she has quickly become one of our most popular artists and has sold pieces to collectors all over the world. For those already familiar with Lisa’s work, this will give you a wonderful insight into her backstory, her artistic process and how she has become such a renowned member of the Art2arts community.

Tomorrow by Lisa Vallo


Lisa always had a creative mind and this is what eventually led her to a career as a full-time professional artist. Before that, though, she spent several years working in the interior design sector. This allowed her to use her creative skills and hone her ability to use different colours, shapes and materials to create beautiful compositions. These concepts would later inspire her work as an artist. The ability to mix different mediums and materials together also helped to form the basis of her artistic style.

Although Lisa never received any formal art training, she was able to develop her own style and pick up skills throughout her years working in creative industries. She always had a passion for art and used her time to learn new techniques and experiment with different materials. She developed a distinctively modern style that reflects in all of her pieces.

Life Line by Lisa Vallo


Before settling down to life as a full-time artist, Lisa spent a lot of time on the move, travelling from country to country. Not only did this help her to broaden her horizons, it also provided her with a lot of inspiration to create new and innovative art that reflected her love of modern styles and her passion for working with different materials. She spent a lot of time in some of the world’s most iconic cities such as New York, Berlin and Barcelona.

The sights and sounds she experienced during her travels were the inspiration behind her focus on cityscapes and architecture. When she looked out over famous city skylines, she saw an opportunity to use the unique shapes, patterns and colours to create unique, contemporary art pieces. During her many expeditions, she continued to create and developed her skills until eventually deciding to focus all her efforts on her work and follow her passion for creating art. Eventually, she decided to settle down in the beautiful area of Yorkshire where she now works from her Bingley studio.

Mistify by Lisa Vallo


In 2003, Lisa made the decision to become a full-time artist and devoted all of her time to creating more of her unique pieces. This gave her even more opportunity to experiment with new techniques and styles. Over the years, she has developed a diverse portfolio of work which has been sold to private collectors and art enthusiasts all over the world. She has cultivated a loyal following within the art community thanks to her unique, one-off commissions.

In addition to private collectors, Lisa has also done a lot of work for large commercial companies, global brands and celebrity sports stars. The list of names includes Marks & Spencer and the global beauty brand, GHD. The work produced by Lisa speaks for itself and has helped her expand her reach and bring her art to a wider audience.

Down at the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea by Lisa Vallo

Style and process

Lisa’s art is inspired by her travels and is a representation of the diverse architecture found in cities around the world. She describes her work as intensely modern and prides herself on thinking outside of the box when it comes to choosing materials, colours and textures. The abstract style incorporates a series of different media to create contemporary pieces that would look great in homes, commercial properties and galleries. Lisa likes to use materials such as resin, gouache, Perspex, glass and metallic acrylic to create depth and texture. If you’re looking for something unique to add to your collection, browse her collection of works today.