True Contentment by CK Wood

Bluegrass Landscape by CK Wood

Ever since Art2Arts was first established, we have aimed to create a bustling global community of artists, collectors and buyers who share a passion for innovation and creativity. Over the years, we have partnered with some of the most talented painters and artists from around the UK and the wider world. We have helped them follow their passion by showcasing their incredible work and providing a wider audience for them to communicate with.

Continuing on with our journey to explore the lives and careers of our talented artists, we will be focusing on the UK-based painter, Carol Wood and her incredible contributions to the world of art. We hope that by sharing more information about Carol and her many experiences, it will give you more of an insight into the art industry and also into the processes and inspirations that help her to create some of her incredible paintings.

If you have already heard of CK Wood, you will be familiar with the unique style of her art and how it reflects the beauty of the British countryside. She is particularly well-known for her vibrant depictions of poppies. If you are not familiar with Carol’s work, join us as we dive into the history of her experiences as a passionate creative and a professional artist.

12 Red Love Roses by CK Wood

Early years

Much like many other renowned artists, Carol was first inspired to get creative with pencil and paper by her surroundings. She was born and raised in the City of Leeds which is surrounded by some of the most beautiful rural areas in Yorkshire. As a young explorer, she discovered the natural wonders that were hidden throughout the local woodlands and greeneries. Having a naturally creative mind, she found herself seeing the colours, shapes and textures in a different way and it compelled her to recreate it with pencils and brushes.

Her fascination with poppies is what helped her to create some of her first substantial pieces and has continued to be an inspiration throughout her entire career. The rural areas in and around Yorkshire are some of the most beautiful in the UK so it’s no surprise that they had such a profound impact on Carol when she was a young aspiring artist. Her parents played a big part in her journey to becoming an artist. They gave her support and provided her with the tools she needed to turn her passion into a talent.

Honesty Poppies by CK Wood


As she got older and developed new interests, Carol’s passion for art and creativity never faded. In fact, throughout her school years, she continued to paint and further develop her technical skills. After finishing school, she decided to focus her efforts on developing a career as an artist and enrolled at the Leeds College of Art and Design. It was there where she was able to really hone her skills, learn new techniques and develop her own unique style.

While at LCAD, Carol studied as a Surface Pattern Designer and Colourist which allowed her to diversify her skill set and apply her natural creativity to a wide range of different art styles and mediums. After graduating with flying colours (no pun intended) she spent some time studying floral design at the Stockport College of Art and Design which allowed her to express her love for nature and delve deeper into that area of art.

A Tree Called Life by CK Wood


After expanding her knowledge and gaining years of incredible experience during her years of study, Carol decided to put her career as an artist on hold for a while in order to raise a family and spend more time with her children. This only helped to inspire her creativity even more and when the time came, she picked up a paintbrush once again and began creating artwork like never before. She quickly received a lot of attention and praise from the art community which eventually allowed her to paint full-time in 2006.

Since then, Carol has become a renowned painter and a beloved member of the Art2arts community. Her work has been purchased by collectors and fans from within the UK and all over the world. She continues to paint today from her home in Leeds where she can still find inspiration in the local surroundings.

Grace Triptych by CK Wood

Style and process

As mentioned before, Carol is at her best when she is surrounded by nature and painting the beauty that she finds. Her most popular works are her paintings that feature poppies. She enjoys experimenting with colours and textures to create vibrant paintings that showcase the beauty of nature and Carol’s passion for landscapes.

Carol’s unique use of perspective and composition invites the eye on a journey of colour into the world of nature. If you’re looking for a beautifully textured piece to add to your collection or have on your wall, be sure to check out Carol’s collection.