In today’s highly competitive world it is extremely difficult to display your talent and creativity to the world at large. However, through social media many artists can promote their art work not only in the country they reside in but to people around the world. Social media presents artists with an opportunity to reach out to people and show their talent only if it is used in the right way! We present a few ways to show the effectiveness of social media in promoting art. Artists cannot only utilise social media to get exposure and acclamation for their work but they can also find inspiration for new works on social media.  Social media is not only an easy and inexpensive way to promote your art work but it also helps new and existing customers to chat about your business and take inspiration from your work.

Increase Outreach

Social media has totally revolutionised the way artists could get the word out about their work as it helps them to create a large following in a short period of time. On social media you get an opportunity to connect to the world at large. Artists can have their own virtual gallery on various social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube or Facebook to promote the images of their art and paintings. It is always better to set up your online gallery on one of these social media networks instead of hiding it on your website. Through social media people get a chance to find, share and comment on the work you have created, just as if it is being shown at a real gallery. Once you build relationship with customers there will be a higher chance that you will be recommended by others for your work. You will get a large group of people who can support and publicise your art to their followers.


Through a Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube you can promote your events or any upcoming art exhibitions without going through the hassle of sending invitations in person or advertising about your event using traditional mediums. All you have to do is to send invitations to people via Facebook or any other social media channel and people will know about the date, time and venue of your event. Sharing news and events on Social media makes it easy for people to further enquire about the event and give their comments and reviews after the event is over so that you may get valuable feedback.

Increase Sales

Social media doesn’t only help artists to gain a modest amount of popularity but can also provide them with a cost effective and large platform through which they can advertise and sell their artwork online. Today, showing your work online has become a popular alternative amongst many artists then working with galleries. One reason for this is that selling and advertising online is inexpensive and convenient at the same time. As soon as people like an art piece you have created they can buy right away without delaying.

Good Contacts

Social media enables you to make good contacts with other influential artists that will turn out to be successful and beneficial for your art work. You can forge relationships with other new artists across the globe take their advice and engage with them to promote art and know about the latest trends. Therefore, social media does not only help artists to self promote their work but to connect with others who share similar interests and ideas.

Experiencing a live art show

Through social media especially YouTube artists get an opportunity to display their artwork to audience who would never know about their talent. People can experience an art show through a virtual presence such as a video. Artists can also collaborate on creating paintings and artwork in real time with other artists around the world.

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