Ultimate Experience by Hester Coetzee
Ultimate Experience by Hester Coetzee

It is always refreshing to look at a landscape and admire the colours, the natural elements, the movement of the sky and the brush or palette knife strokes and Ultimate Experience by Hester Coetzee is no exception.

Created in oil on canvas in an impressionistic style, the artwork demonstrates both an aesthetic sense and craftsmanship.

The colours are vibrant, making the artwork exiting to look at while the visible palette knife strokes make it dynamic.

We can say that Hester Coetzee is a master of colour and landscape. She is a prolific artist and her artworks are much appreciated by collectors all over the world.

As we learn that she believes in art therapy, it is no surprise that the title of the artwork is “Ultimate Experience”. This is an apt name for a lifetime experience that we enjoy, that we have waited a long time for and that will stay with us forever. But if we extrapolate those characteristics to the artwork, the experience is the same. We admire the artwork, we admire the skill, we are amazed by it and the experience will stay with us for a long time.

Hester Coetzee’s artwork is an atemporal landscape that we admire, not just with the eyes and the intellect, but with all our senses, generating an ultimate experience.

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