Our planet Earth is home to many wonders that are formed without the human touch, with natural landscapes and organic environments inspiring many artists’ across the world. No natural sight however ignites a creative spark more than the vast and beautiful ocean. With a true sea-scape showing just how vast the ocean is, it provokes a sense of mystery to those who look at it, as well as providing visual delights like no other with a range of moods created, depending on the weather, another uncontrollable and natural factor.

Here we have picked a range of paintings for sale on our online art gallery that depict the mesmerising ocean in five, very different, ways:

1.   Chasing the moonlight: Julia Everett

Chasing the moonlight

The beautiful piece is just one of the oil paintings for sale by Julia Everett. Using the blendable qualities of the paint, Everett builds a picture of peace and serenity. With the moonlight shining upon a resting sea, there is no other image quite as calming as a resting ocean at night.

2.   Evening harmony: Stella Dunkley

Evening Harmony

This piece also uses oil paints to create a peaceful atmosphere, differentiating itself from ‘Chasing the Moonlight’ in the choice of colours used. Rather than cool blacks, greens and blues showing the ocean at the dead of night, this picture is a warmer scene that depicts a time of twilight.

3.   Solo under the sea: Gill Bustamante

Solo under the sea

Gill Bustmante takes the viewer under the ocean to paint a sea scene with a difference. Impressive use of lights and darks help to show the ripples that roll on top of the surface, as well as reflecting down onto the sandy sea bed.

4.   Undercurrents: Rachel McCullock


The sea has a bustling energy that is hard to describe in words so instead, Rachel McCullok does so with extraordinary use of colour. Although traditionally you would associated hues of blue and green with the ocean, the markings on this mixed media piece add realistic texture and movement to symbolise the crashing waves to perfection.

5.   Spirit of the ocean: Gillian Luff

Spirit of the ocean

We couldn’t talk about the work we have on offer at Art2Arts without mentioning one of the fantastic abstract oil paintings for sale on our website! ‘Spirit of the ocean’ takes inspiration from the drama to be found in the sea, yet Luff represents this with abstract markings as opposed to a realistic portrayal. Oil paint is used to create smooth, blended surfaces as well as a highly textured focus point in middle of the painting, representing the many textures also to be found in the ever changing ocean.