Minimalism is a creative concept that applies to many mediums including music, fashion, interior design and art. It finds beauty in allowing just a few simple elements to shine through to bring interest to a piece, rather than comprising of many features that battle for attention in an overcrowded environment.

This classic ideal is one that will always be relevant in culture, yet today in 2016 this ethos is enjoying an accelerated renaissance once more and peoples wardrobes, homes and more are getting stripped back to reveal a minimalist aesthetic.

Following a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean that it has to be void of all decoration completely, but the pieces chosen to add flourishes to a minimalist home should certainly be more considered.

Here we have selected some of the best pieces of original art we have for sale at Art2Arts, to add the perfect finishing touch to any minimalist home.


The Big blue – Stefan Fierros


This piece is simple in the way that it uses only two main hues, yet the complexity of this painting comes in the way in which these colours are applied. Rather than just being a line on a background, layers and layers of acrylic paint make up this subtly blended image, with a smooth but undefined finish that mimics the blue sea that it is representing.

Nine Squares – Fierros


From the same artist that created ‘Big blue’ this piece of original art uses bold geometric shapes, a key feature of historic minimalist art. This painting uses only one aesthetic concept, the two rectangles to make up a square, yet it provides impact through consistent repetition.

Raw Earthscape No2 – Simon Fairless


This minimalist piece uses very few elements to describe a natural landscape. Although there is no clear formation of shapes and only a limited colour palette is used, we can still get the impression of what it is the artist is depicting, proving the power of simplicity and the, sometimes unnecessary, tendency to overcomplicate pieces with too much information.

Richmond Invierno IV – La Rosa


This piece of original art is part of a series representing the feeling of isolation that modern life can often provoke. This feeling of loneliness is suggested by the empty space that is seen on this oil painted canvas, with just a few simple strokes depicting the scene of Richmond Park. Whether you perceive this painting as an abstract piece, seeing nothing more than marks of colour or if you can make out the public park in this image that this ‘Richmond’ series focusses on, this is a beautiful painting by La Rosa, no matter how it is interpreted.


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