Flowers from the Meadow by Colette Baumback

With UK residents spending more time at home than ever before, many of us are missing getting out into nature.

From woodland walks to days out at the beach, lockdown restrictions mean that we are unable to journey further than our local streets for daily exercise. As a result, many of us living in urban areas are feeling the loss of our natural environments.

Fresh air and exercise are commonly linked to good mental health so here are a few tips on how to bring the outside in to refresh your senses and make staying indoors a little more enjoyable.


Geraniums by Alena Rumak
Geraniums by Alena Rumak


Get some greenery

If you don’t have a garden or only have a small outdoor space to enjoy, now is the perfect time to get creative to add a little greenery. Studies have shown that plants have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, so even if you just have a windowsill to utilise, a house plant can help bring the outside in and bring you a little closer to nature.

Widely available to purchase online or during your weekly grocery shop, house plants are cheap, easy to care for and take up little room, making them an inexpensive way of brightening your indoor space.


Update your artwork

If you find yourself hankering for a day out to the seaside, a stroll in the country or other outdoor vista aside from the view from your windows, adding a piece of art to your home can give you the lift you’ve been looking for.

With several outdoor scenes and sizes to choose from, Art2Arts has a wide selection of beautiful outdoor pieces of sun, sea and land to suit every taste and budget, so click here to peruse some of our favourites.

With professional deliveries still taking place, you can transport yourself into nature with a brand new landscape piece delivered with no contact directly to your door.


Folkestone Coastal Park by Rod Bere
Folkestone Coastal Park by Rod Bere


Go on a nature hunt

Even in the most built-up of areas, nature always seems to find a way. Many of the small details we take for granted during our day to day lives can help us to feel better about being cooped up indoors, so take a seat at your window and see what you can spot.

From birds, winged insects and trees in the distance, going on an at-home nature hunt can remind us that nature is never far away and help us get through prolonged periods of staying at home.

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