Still Life 0512 by Bernadetta Dziubinski

If you’re an art lover looking to begin your own art collection but worry that your budget won’t stretch far enough to allow you to pick up those important first purchases, then this guide is for you!

Great art doesn’t need to come complete with a hefty price tag, and there are several ways that you can start to build up your own collection without it burning a massive hole in your pocket, so read on to discover our top tips for buying artwork at a great price.

Sky Drama by Gill Bustamante

Consider the work of up and coming artists

The UK has always been a hotbed of up and coming artistic talent, and we’re seeing more and more homegrown artists making waves in the art world than ever before. As these artists gain popularity and notoriety, the price of their work steadily increases, so you will expect to pay more for the work of an established artist than someone who is just beginning to break into the industry.

This is why anyone looking to purchase artwork at a reasonable price should always be on the lookout for new artists as you could pick up a piece at a fraction of the price of bigger names. Also, part of the fun in owning artwork is seeing if your small investment will gain in value over the years, so not only do you have a beautiful new piece to enjoy at home, but you could stand to make money on it too as the years go by.

Here’s a selection of some up and coming artists currently showcasing their work on the Art2Arts website.


Shop around

When you’re seeking some new artwork, but don’t have a lot to spend, it really does pay to shop around! Art galleries are a wonderful way to while away a few hours, but the artwork they sell is often very expensive and out of reach for many art lovers who are looking to get the most out of their budget.

Instead, the Internet has opened up the world of art and has made buying artwork far more accessible for anyone with an interest in the latest artistic talent. It has also provided a new platform for budding new artists to show their latest creations to the world, so it’s far easier to find the next big art star online and snap up a piece of their early work before they become a big name.

Knowing which artists are going to be rising stars is tricky, but if you’re just buying art to adorn the walls of your home then it really doesn’t matter if the piece rises in value as long as you enjoy it and it enhances your life and living space.

Lively Shore by Kalpana Soanes
Lively Shore by Kalpana Soanes

Avoid ‘too good to be true’ websites

Buying art online is becoming more and more popular, especially with those looking to add to their collection with a limited budget. However, there are some less than reputable websites hanging around online with the sole intent of exploiting art lovers and getting them to part with their hard-earned cash in return for very little.

From promising artwork from already established artworks that turn out to be fakes and poor -quality art to not receiving anything at all, many people have fallen foul of these online scammers as they are becoming more and more sophisticated when it comes to conning people out of their cash.

With this in mind, if something seems too good to be true when you’re browsing for reasonably priced artwork online, then proceed with caution as you may well have stumbled across a site operated by individuals whose only purpose is to rip off customers.

If you can’t see any means of contacting them via a landline or there are no customer reviews on their website, then make sure that you check out TrustPilot to see if any feedback exists on the company before sharing personal details with them or placing an order.


Think about finance options   

If you’ve found a piece that would fit perfectly in your home and you simply have to own it, it can be disheartening to discover that the price tag is just out of your reach.

However, through Arts Council England’s Own Art interest-free loan scheme, you could spread the cost of that latest piece of art across ten monthly payments making it more easily affordable.

At Art2Arts, we offer the ability to purchase any artwork on the site, or commission an artist between £100 – £2500 and spread the cost over ten monthly instalments and no deposit is required.

However, if you wanted to put down an amount as a deposit and to reduce the ten monthly payments, then this is also something that Art2Arts can offer, and you can even pay off the loan early if you wish.

Click here to find out more about the interest-free loan scheme available at Art2Arts.