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If you’ve ever been to a gallery or exhibition and wondered if you could create a similar style on a smaller scale in your home, then this article should be right up your street!

Many art lovers prefer to display their favourite pieces in a visually engaging way – with these helpful tips, you’ll find it easy to create an eye-catching gallery wall to showcase your favourite piece in your own home.


Choose your favourite pieces first

Before you start banging nails into your walls, it is important to choose the pieces you want to hang first.

Some people work with just the one theme such as nature, botanicals or landscapes for the sake of continuity, but others opt for a bolder style statement and select a wider range of topics to add visual interest.

What’s most important is that you select the pieces that resonate best with you and suit the space and size available, so don’t be afraid to mix things up a little or add something new to your collection to continue your theme.


Teodora Totorean's art collection
Teodora Totorean’s art collection


Plan before you hang

You’ll want to make sure that your gallery wall looks good before you start to drill holes in the wall, so to get the composition just right it’s a good idea to map out the space on a piece of paper taking into account the sizes and various shapes of the pieces.

This will allow you to get creative with your space and to avoid unnecessary holes in the walls that you’ll need to cover up later if you change your mind about the composition of your display.

Make sure that you have your artwork measurements to hand and ensure that you give enough space between the pieces. Placing frames and canvases too closely together will make your collection harder to clean and could make the space look too crowded.


Use other objects

To really get creative with your gallery wall, don’t be afraid to throw in a few other favourite objects or ornaments with the help of floating shelving.

Easy to fix to a wall and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, floating shelves offer a great display space for a few additional objects that suit the style and colour scheme of your gallery wall.

You could even use display box frames for those precious smaller items as they give depth and interest to any display, the choice is yours!


Bernadetta Dziubinski shows us how to group art with objects
Bernadetta Dziubinski shows us how to group art with objects
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