Gill Bustamante

Have you watched the BBC show “Home is where the art is” last year? It is a TV programme in which talented artists compete to earn a new art commission from genuine buyers for their home. The first series was on air in 2019 and this year the show will see its second series due in spring.

We are very excited about this year’s series because one of our very own artists will take part. Gill Bustamante is an accomplished artist and she has been selling with us for many years. Her art is whimsical, mysterious and skilful, telling stories about ethereal realms while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Gill is not only a prolific artist but a contributor to our online magazine, too, talking about her inspiration and the creative process of her art. She has developed her own style and technique called ‘memory impression’. “I prefer to paint flavours and impressions of places rather than their physical or botanical accuracies”, the artist says talking about her technique.

In an interview given to our magazine, Gill further explains this technique “I seek inspiration from a merging of looking at real-life landscapes and then my memory of those landscapes. I do a 6 or 7-mile walk once a week and then come home and paint a ‘memory impression’ of that place over the next two or three weeks. Most of my paintings reflect the actual season we are in as that is what is in my mind”.

Now, getting back to the TV series, Gill has written a short article on her blog, telling people all about it. “The whole experience was a lot of fun and some of the artwork I saw was stunning”, concludes the artist. We wish her all the best and we can’t wait to watch the series. We will keep you posted when it’s on air, but in the meantime, have a look in Gill’s gallery to get a feel for her style. We absolutely love it!

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