Whether you have just bought your first piece of art and are a bit of a novice or are a collector with a wealth of knowledge, you are sure to know that framing a piece of art well can make all the difference to how it looks. Art can be hung in a variety of places and though taking into account whether it will complement the room, furniture and any existing art pieces is important, it is also vital to consider the overall look you are hoping to achieve.

Choosing the right type of frame and knowing how to frame art is important, but many people aren’t entirely sure on how to get started. Here is everything you need to know about framing art.

How to Frame Art Correctly

There are a lot of different things that need to be done in order to frame art correctly, and though it may initially seem time consuming when it comes to art there is no cutting corners. If you have recently purchased a new art piece and want to not only showcase it well but ensure it remains in perfect condition, knowing how to frame art is important.

Floating Frames

Floating frames are a good choice if you have a piece of art that is on a thick canvas. This type of frame gives the impression that the art is floating within the frame and does not obscure any of the painting itself. Instead of mounting the artwork on the back, which is not always suitable, floating frames are mounted on the front. There is no back to a floating frame and the artwork simply sits inside the flame.

Mounting Artwork

In order to protect a piece of art from damage it is a good idea to mount it. Artwork, especially pieces that are not on a canvas and are prints, are prone to creasing and wrinkling and mounting helps to combat this. Mounting refers to adhering the art to a firm backboard to keep it steady and secure. A popular option for mounting artwork is to mount it to a backboard that is slightly larger than the print, to create a border. This then works in the same way as a frame does and helps the art to standout on display.

Choose a Great Frame

If you do not need to mount your new piece of art and are not a fan of floating frames, then a standard artwork frame works just as well. There are lots of great types of frame and the one you choose should not only hold the artwork safely and securely – as that is the intended use – but it should also compliment it. For example, if you have a modern piece of contemporary art then choose a modern frame but if your artwork is classic or has a more traditional style then choose a frame that reflects this.

For more information on how to frame art or to discover a world of impressive artwork, take a look at the range we have here at Art2Arts or contact us online.

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