Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether your planned getaway is a weekend in a new city or a far off adventure spanning across countries, holiday time allows you to escape from the realities of your day to day life and explore the rest that the world has to offer. We are not alone in appreciating the joy of escaping, and many of the contemporary artists that we host at Art2Arts also love to travel on a regular basis to spark creativity and renew inspiration.

This yearning for escape can be seen in many of the paintings we have for sale at Art2Arts. Even if you don’t have your next getaway planned yet, capture the essence of dreamy adventure with one of these fantastic pieces.

Homeward Bound – Peter Williams

Homeward Bound

Many of the paintings we have for sale by Peter Williams use the medium of watercolour, and his expert blending of vibrant colour has created a distinctive style for the artist that takes realistic paintings and adds a small, hyper-real element to them using the bold, pigmented colour that is just slightly too bright to be totally true to its figurative form. Here we see a man surrounded by vintage suitcases, at the end of what looks like a long journey – we wonder where he has been and more importantly, where he is going?

LNER Class A4 Union of South Africa – Jules Hammond

LNER Class A4 Union of South Africa

This piece is not a painting for sale but in fact is a humble pencil and paper sketch that is part of an award winning series of drawings! While some of these prize-winning images have been subjects of limited edition fine art prints, this piece is one of the original drawings from the series. Nothing creates a sense of nostalgia quite like an old-fashioned steam train, and we love the simplicity of this expertly executed piece.

Sails of the Soul – Justin Lewis

Sails of the Soul

As stated by the author himself, ‘the antidote to the rat-race is play’, and we couldn’t agree more when looking at this charming oil painting by Justin Lewis. Featuring three grown men having a ‘boat race’ on the beach with their home made sails, we think this painting epitomises the childish feeling of glee that is associated with escaping. This painting is one of many by Lewis that depict holiday situations, with other pieces describing hazy sun kissed days on the beach, and moonlit encounters by the pool – you will be whisked away in an instant by any work by Lewis!