Anyone that’s recently moved home, or redecorated their house, will be familiar with the struggle of picking the right interior design style. Choosing the best colour palette and the type of furniture can be a nightmare, especially if you have a wide variety of tastes. Even after you’ve sifted through hundreds of different ideas and finally picked out a decorative style that suits you, there’s still the issue of artwork. A common question many art lovers ask is ‘does my artwork have to match?’ This blog will give you a better idea of whether or not it’s important to buy pieces of art that match, and the ways in which you can create themes with them.

Some people like to choose their artwork based on colour, by picking pieces that use similar tones. This can create a more aesthetically pleasing theme, especially if you choose to pick a different colour style for each room. Choosing art that matches the colour or tone of a room’s decorative style can also create a running theme throughout the house. However, using a singular colour theme can sometimes be overwhelming if it isn’t done right. If you want to create a colour-based theme, then it can help to use artwork that subtly highlights the palette instead of oversaturating it. For example, displaying paintings with similar colour schemes on plain walls will bring more attention to the art.

Choosing a collection of art based on your favourite artist(s) is a good way of conveying your personal taste in the design of your home. For those who are not as focused on colour scheme and simply wants to showcase their collection, this is a good way to go. By creating a collection based on your personal taste, you will feel more at home. Although everything may not match in terms of style or colour, it will mean that you have more appreciation for the artwork.

The most important thing to remember is that there’s no strict rule when it comes to art and design, it’s all down to individual preference. The aesthetic design of your home, and the art you display within it, should be a reflection of your personality and represent your personal taste. Artwork does not have to match at all if you don’t want it to. Think more about the style you are trying to achieve and choose what your artwork based on that.