What are the colour theories behind the colour YELLOW?

  • Sunshine
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Energy

Yellow is seen as a ‘happy colour’ is it associated with the sun, it has warmth and can stimulates activity and cheerfulness. Yellow is an attention getter, and your eye is often draw to it. However if overused can have an opposite effect. Yellow will make a bold statement, but can be over powering if used in the wrong way. Yellow is a playful colour, used to promote children’s products. You will rarely see yellow when promoting adults products, or expensive goods.

Yellow in the home can be a bit tricky. Shades of yellow are not always good. A dull yellow represents caution and sickness, whereas a light yellow will represent freshness and joy. To much yellow in a room will become overbearing. Try adding touches of yellow with other colours to bring it out. Combining yellow with a colour such as white will only make it fade into the background and not stand out. Perhaps using yellow with black to bring a touch of class to it.

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