In today’s unstable financial, property and political landscape, many more people are choosing to, or indeed have no choice but to, rent homes rather than use a mortgage to buy a property. Sales activity has lowered so much that if they were to continue into 2017, it is predicted that it could be the first time since the 1930’s that more houses are let out to tenants than sold to homeowners. However, while renting out a room or an entire house may be the most viable option for many people, there are often rules and restrictions that limit the personalisation of these houses, preventing them from turning into a home. Affordable, unique and 100% original artwork could be the answer, says online art gallery, Art2Arts.

While some tenants may have relaxed landlords, the reality is that much of the rental community must adhere to strict rules while residing in a property. Often laid out in a contractual form, many occupants are forbidden from making permanent changes to the state of the accommodation they are in, unable to paint walls, change carpets or replace any furniture or fixtures should they not suit their preferred style. A piece of original art can instantly add atmosphere to any room, yet is able to move with the owner as they head from house to house. While many properties will have hanging facilities on the walls to facilitate these pictures, beautiful canvas or framed pieces can also be leaned against a wall for a dramatic effect without ever leaving a trace.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “In today’s visually focussed society, the appearance of personal spaces are very important. Whether you are living in shared accommodation with just one room to care for, or are renting out an entire home, ensuing that the look and feel of the space represents you is becoming increasingly more important to the consumer. Yet, as it becomes more difficult to buy a home outright, we are forced to think ‘outside the box’ when looking to make a dramatic decoration change.”

Although rentals are seen as more affordable than buying a home, even these prices are set to be soaring to unaffordable heights in the midst of an uncertain financial landscape. Art2Arts allows art to be available to all, offering pieces of original, beautiful art in a range of prices that start at just £75.

Gibbs continued, “We have an easy to use search feature on the website, enabling our users to refine by size, price, colour, subject and more. With streams of new pieces added daily, there is sure to be the perfect painting on my website to suit all tastes of room renters across the country!”

Renting a house doesn’t mean it can’t become a home.