Britain has been a hub of art and culture for thousands of years and has been home to some of the greatest creative minds in history. Throughout the years there have been many famous British artists that have put paint on canvas to produce some of the most recognised pieces of art in the world. Here at Art2Arts we know very well the breathtaking amount of talent that the country has to offer and we value all of our artists for the amazing work they do. This post celebrates a few of Britain’s most famous artists, with a look at how they became so popular.

Damien Hirst

This artist, entrepreneur and collector needs no introduction for anyone familiar with the British art scene. Since gaining huge popularity in the 90s Hirst has risen to become one of the most prominent artists in Britain, with some of his paintings selling for millions to collectors and galleries all over the world. As a key member of the Young British Artists, he rose to fame with his unique works of art that often feature an underlying theme of death. His use of intricate detail and unique stylistic techniques are what continue to keep people bidding for his art.



There are still many people that wouldn’t consider graffiti a true art form but there’s no denying the incredible impact that urban artist Banksy has had on modern culture and the world of art. Over the last decade the anonymous street painter has created a series of pieces that question the current social and political climate of the western world. In a time of political distrust and social unrest Banksy has tapped into the issues that many people face with the use of striking contemporary imagery. Mystery and anonymity have also played a big part in the rise of Banksy, with everyone talking about who the man behind the art is.


David Hockney

As the king of British pop art, this painter, photographer and printmaker has become one of the UK’s most respected artists. He gained a lot of popularity in the 60s thanks to his amazing contribution to the contemporary scene of the time. He specialises in pop art and has also recently embraced technology by creating pieces using iPads. His timeless works of art can be found in galleries and collections all over the world and he has started to focus more on set designing and book writing.


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