Dali's Zoo by Victoria Coleman

With the UK population being encouraged to stay home and stay safe, getting your arts fix is proving to be tricky as the majority of art galleries and art-related museums all over the globe are currently closed to visitors.

But thanks to technology, anyone with a laptop or smartphone and internet access can be transported to some of the world’s most iconic art galleries and can browse current exhibitions from the comfort of their own sofa.

Here are a few of our favourite art galleries and museums that are well worth paying a virtual visit to, so power up your device of choice and get ready to be transported to a space filled with famous artwork without leaving your living room.

The Dali Museum

Fans of the surrealist master Salvador Dali can enjoy an immersive experience and unique glimpse into the work and life of this iconic artist at this architecturally significant museum.

Located in Tampa, Florida, those taking a virtual tour of the Dali Museum can expect a comprehensive digital look at some of the most popular exhibits, a 360-degree view of the grounds with its incredible design features and find out more about the people that had such an impact on the work of the artist.


The National Gallery

By far one of the most impressive virtual tours available at the moment, visitors to the National Gallery in London can enjoy 18 rooms of paintings dating back as far as the 13th century from Western Europe.

The Sainsbury Wing also includes a peek at the gallery’s world-class collection of early renaissance paintings, with more than 300 works of art to be enjoyed from home. There are also a wide variety of free online resources to complement the tour, making it an informative and educational way to get closer to art from home.


The Frick Museum

Although the Frick Museum in New York is temporarily closed to visitors, thanks to the internet and the team who work tirelessly to promote the museum, you can still enjoy some of the paintings from the Old Masters that the Frick has become famous for.

With a virtual map that allows you to visit many areas of the museum including the various gallery spaces and courtyard garden, you can zoom into any exhibitions of interest easily. You’ll also get some historical facts and information on each piece as well as the ability to listen to a guided tour from a docent.