Those of us with an interest in modern art might have witnessed the recently discovered art installation by controversial artist Banksy being transported from its residential garage location to its new home in a Port Talbot gallery.

Titled ‘Seasons Greetings,’ the piece is a commentary on pollution, childhood and our future on planet Earth according to owner John Brandler, an Essex-based gallery owner.

A self-confessed fan of the artist who already owns several works by Banksy is said to have paid a six-figure sum for the two-sided mural which appeared on a garage building in Port Talbot back in 2018. He kept his promise to keep the installation local to encourage tourism to the area and for the local communities to get excited about art.

Seen as a boost for the region’s economy, local communities welcomed the artwork, and the garage where the artist chose to create his urban canvas was soon filled with journalists, photographers and street art lovers all hoping to get a glimpse of the piece.

Sadly, the artwork couldn’t stay in its original location, and so a new home was created to house the piece and protect it from the elements as well as vandals or those looking to replicate the buzz with street art of their own in the same residential area.

Following a painstaking and time-consuming plan to relocate Seasons Greetings to the gallery, local contractors first coated both of the garage’s walls in a clear resin to protect it against cracking or crumbling. Choosing a breezeblock canvas for his work made the artwork heavy yet quite delicate, so specialist lifting equipment and large wheeled trollies were bought in and constructed by the firm to move the piece without causing damage.

The owner and the local community all held their breath as the installation was lifted using cranes and transported to the new gallery via police escort where it arrived in-tact and without any signs of damage.

For those with a love of modern art who fancy a trip to Wales this summer, you can view Seasons Greetings at its new home in Ty’r Orsaf in Port Talbot’s town centre for at least the next three years where it is anticipated that the artwork will attract visitors from all over the globe.