We understand that as a practicing artists who sells your work online, there is a fine line to draw between creating work that is totally authentic to your vision and that which sells well. Especially if you rely on the purchase of your work as supporting your lifestyle. While we are not suggesting that you sacrifice all of your trademark styles in favour of producing commercially accessible pieces (in fact, we would be very sad if that were to happen!), following the seasonal trends is a great way to keep an eye on the kinds of visual signs your customers will be looking out for. Trends should not be shied away from and when used simply as a starting point, incorporating small elements of the seasonal styles such as a certain colour, texture or a particular topical subject, they can help you to keep your output fresh and relevant to the current consumer.

Here are just a few of the visual trends that we have been seeing this Autumn/Winter season, to help you when producing your next collection!

Shades of grey

Neural colour palettes don’t seem to be going anywhere, and this season the shade in favour is grey. Whether it is a deep charcoal hue or a light pebble tone, this colour is very popular in interiors at the moment. ‘The Evolving Insight’ by Tracy-Ann Marrison is a perfect example of how to incorporate this colour into work, in a subtle way.

Shades of grey

Antique explorations

The delicate, intricate and antique style seen on old maps and drawings that would have been used by explorers of the past are seeing a revival this autumn. Scientific style drawings of natural subjects such as insects and flowers are perfect for this theme, as is any type of whimsical imagery associated with escaping to far off lands. ‘Hawker Dragonfly’ by Victoria Stothard demonstrates this excellently.

Hawker Dragonfly

Cosy and comforting

The buzzword du jour in the world of interiors is ‘hygge’, a Danish term used to describe the act of enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. In interiors this is being shown in simple but comforting pieces with thick, chunky knitted textiles being widely used. In art a calming, abstract piece in beige, cream and muted tones could be a great addition to any room that is looking to re-create this atmosphere, or a serene scene such as ‘Going with the Flow’ by Isabelle Amante would also be a great addition to any portfolio this autumn.

Going with the Flow


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