We Can Rule The World by Derrick Fielding
We Can Rule The World by Derrick Fielding


We Can Rule the World by Derrick Fielding is a contemporary painting created in acrylic on canvas in a naive and illustrative style featuring a happy couple contemplating the horizon at sunset.

Using complementary colours – blue and orange – the artist has created an idyllic image which is relatable at many levels: for nature lovers, villagers, couples in love, etc.

When describing his artwork, Derrick Fielding says: “I’ve used a previous work of mine – ‘Whisper of the Waves’ as inspiration for this piece, so perhaps it is a sequel. This time the lovers gaze out from a village setting – possibly the Lake District or Cornwall? I’ll let you decide… “

As for his inspiration and style, we find out more from the artist’s statement: “The Lake District in particular is a rich hunting ground for my ideas – bleak and barren landscapes broken by trees, gnarled and twisted by the wind”.

“Other places of interest to me are Cornwall, the West coast of Ireland and the Borders and Highlands of Scotland. My aim is to create dramatic, vibrant scenes with a hint of quirky humour”, the artist concludes.

The title is optimistic and brave, perfectly illustrating the picture. Have you decided if the landscape is in Lake District or Cornwall? Let us know in the comments.

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