Walk On Valentines Day by Ricky Figg

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Ricky Figg’s art caught our eyes as nearly all his paintings are featuring a couple walking or enjoying nature. From admiring his work to choosing one piece to be our “artwork of the week” was just a matter of title. “Walk on Valentine’s Day” is an original watercolour artwork that could make the perfect gift for this celebration.

We talked to Ricky about the inspiration and the creative process of this work and we noted the answers below. We were also delighted to see Ricky at work.


Art2Arts Artist Ricky Figg
Art2Arts Artist Ricky Figg

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

I have always had a great love of the outdoors. I am a Canadian Trained Ski Instructor so I’m normally in the mountains in the winter but because of what’s going on I’m painting a lot more.


What is the creative process when creating your watercolour art? How long would this work have taken you?

My work at the moment is reflecting a time when we can all get back to doing things we love and enjoying the countryside.

My process when I paint is mostly about setting a mood. I’m more interested in setting a mood rather than detail. I usually start with the colours I want and let it go. I like to work on damp paper to get a soft look to my work so the initial washes are done quickly and I finish the detail when it’s dry so depending on the size I can complete a painting in a day or so.


Watercolour paintings by Ricky Figg
Watercolour paintings by Ricky Figg
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