Turtle by Reneta Bachvarova

We love Reneta Bachvarova’s abstract and wildlife paintings, the former capture the essence of the depicted object like in Sunflower and the latter, for the likeness to the animal yet in brighter colours like in Turtle, our artwork of the week. We asked Reneta a few questions about the inspiration and the creative process behind “Turtle” and we absolutely loved reading all about it. We invite you to read it, too:

1.Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

Usually, I start with just a hint of an idea. I sat one day and I was thinking ”I want to paint something really colourful today”.
An image of a turtle somehow crossed my mind and the idea just started to develop, thinking about how to draw and paint the creature in that shape, as I wanted it to look like a giant beast.
I also thought of which colours I was going to combine in order to achieve a more vibrant and lively look.

2.What is the creative process when creating your art?

When creating my art, I want to use as much colour as I possibly can. Regarding this artwork, what I was trying to do was bringing more brightness into the colours, giving the painting a vivid, vibrant look.
The enormous body taking up the whole space onto the canvas, helped me create the illusion that the object is just about to jump out of the frame.

3.How long would this work have taken you?

It took me 1 month to create this piece. I really took my time with it and I simply enjoyed seeing how it was developing and taking shape day by day.
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