The Fall by Sophie Penstone
The Fall by Sophie Penstone


There is a special connection between man and nature and no matter how much society  has progressed and is progressing, we are always drawn towards nature as a place to contemplate, to find peace, to spend time in, to paint – the activities we enjoy doing surrounded by nature are endless.

It is no surprise that many artists are fascinated by nature and choose it as their main subject in their artworks. This is exactly the case with the artwork of the week, “The Fall” by Sophie Penstone.

Created using acrylic inks on canvas in an impressionistic style with contemporary techniques like splashing and dripping, The Fall reveals a woodland scene in shades of turquoise, green, yellow and brown, capturing the season with the most spectacular colours: autumn.

In the artist’s words: “Other than conveying the many beautiful autumnal colours to be found in an English woodland, I also wanted to try and convey a sense that the woods go on and on, taking you on a journey of discovery”.

Based on actual woods in Cornwall where Sophie Penstone currently lives, The Fall captures all the splendour of a British woodland, guiding the viewer not only among the trees that are so familiar, but also into the artist’s universe, as inspired by the very nature she admires.

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