The Boat Trip by Suzette Datema
The Boat Trip by Suzette Datema

We live on an island, therefore nautical themes and seascapes are amongst the most popular subjects chosen by the British artists and Suzette Datema’s preference is no exception. Boats, townscapes by the sea and harbour scenes are the artist’s favourite subjects to paint, along landscapes, life-style scenes and umbrellas.

Suzette Datema’s paintings are naive, colourful and happy, depicting an idyllic universe that invites you to dive in, explore and enjoy. The Boat Trip is one such happy painting, illustrating a colourful city by the water, where the houses are smiling at you and the boat carries you to a fairytale realm.

When we read the description of the artwork, we learn that the artist was inspired by her trip to Amsterdam and she describes her painting as “a kaleidoscope of colour”. The bright colours in shades of purple, orange and blue are bold and daring while the black and white contours make up the shapes of the buildings as well as those of the people and the boat.

What better way to ease past the grey rainy days ahead than to admire a bright summery painting that puts a smile on your face. And if you want more, why not visit the artist’s gallery where you’ll discover a beautiful universe full of colour and optimism.

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