Sail Away With Me by Elisa Trueman

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

The inspiration for this painting came from some of the beautiful harbour villages near where I live in Cornwall. I absolutely love the pastel-coloured cottages and lovely sandy beaches – I also like the contrast of the rolling hills in the background. Sheep are always appealing to me especially in the Spring with all the little lambs running around. And I really enjoy creating pubs! If I could design places to sit in the sun and have a drink I would do that all day.

What is the creative process when creating your seascape paintings?

I often don’t have a plan when I paint and Sail Away With Me was one of the paintings that I didn’t plan out beforehand it just happens. I knew I wanted to paint another beach and village painting but had no particular plan other than that. I also love to paint a ship leaving the harbour – travel is one of my absolute favourite things I love exploring the World and the pandemic has been particularly difficult due to not being able to hop on a plane or a boat to getaway. I think the ship is my dream of sailing away to foreign shores, hopefully, we will all be able to do this again soon.

Have you always painted in this style?

I’ve always had quite a naïve style of painting. When I first began painting full time I was creating a lot of flowery paintings, but the sea fascinates me and was always something that I used in my work. I still add flowers to my work but the sea and coastal towns have appeared more and more over time. I get great inspiration from the local area but also from towns I have visited throughout the UK. There are so many amazing places where we are lucky enough to live.

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