Rosie McCann by Michael McEvoy
Rosie McCann by Michael McEvoy


As she rides the bike towards the coastal town of Newcastle County Down, stylishly dressed and carrying her pet dog in the bicycle’s basket, Rosie McCann looks happy to leave behind the Mourne mountains and her cottage for the day and have fun.

Inspired by two Irish songs – The Mountains of Mourne and Star of the County Down – Rosie McCann by Michael McEvoy is an original painting created in oil that depicts an idyllic scene.

The artwork is telling a story, inviting the viewer in its universe with cottages and mountains, paths and fields, clouds and birds in the blue sky, animals and people living in harmony.

“My art does not seek to shock, affront, distort, deconstruct, or dissolve. It seeks only to invite you to share my world. The world you may enter when you find a forgotten and faded photograph at the back of a drawer. Or hear an old tune on the radio. Or a home town accent when you are far from home. Distant memories, happy days, a coffee on the pier.”

“As an artist I will never be without inspiration as even alone, a human gazes back from the mirror,” says the artist.