Miss Solitude by Stewart Wilson

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

Most of my work has covered various elements of urban subjects and that is what I am best known for. My commission work is often requested by building and design agencies. Commercial and Hotel developments in an expressionistic style. However like many others during the pandemic, I have been spending more time in rural areas and I have discovered a kind of serenity in my walks. I never realised the range in the green spectrum but my pallet included at least 15 different shades.
I have also rekindled my love of Pre Raphelite art such as “The Lady of  Shalott”  and “Ophelia by John Everett Millais”
So I am working with this period in mind but hopefully in a modern edgy style.

What is the creative process when creating your vibrant colourful art?


Stewart Wilson's studio
Stewart Wilson’s studio
I only work in oil because for me half the task is texture. I always mix my paints at least 3 days before I paint and this is semi-dried almost like glue. I need this because I paint with only knives and fingers. I know when it’s ready but it is a race to complete before it’s gone over.
I keep a file with “Location Ideas ” and “Subject Ideas” and then it is really a marriage of the best. Unless I am working on commission where reality is important I just provide a fantasy from my mind.  ( helped along with a little Merlot and music )

How long would this work have taken you?

In my studio, I often have 3 or 4 paintings that I am working on so time per painting is difficult to show. My works are usually quite large and can take a couple of days but “Miss Solitude” was about 4 hours. On top of this, you will appreciate the time taken to research and plan.
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