Gardens have always been an inspiration to me and I guess that my love of gardens, alongside my love of painting go well together.

Waterperry Gardens in Wheatley,Oxfordshire are one of my favourite gardens in the UK and I have derived many an inspiration from them for my paintings.  This current painting emanated from my visit last summer.   As I was walking around, I came across a host of penstemons in a large array of colours from pale pinks, mauves, blues and purples and I was dazzled by them and I thought it would make a lovely painting.

I had initially intended the painting to be more detailed but that did not convey my initial impression of the scene, consequently, the painting is a mixture of realism and impressionism. I used oil paint which has been slowly built up layer by layer to achieve depth and texture.

As will be seen from my page on this website I like to paint many different subjects, including abstract and am always looking for new ideas.”


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